Videos featuring artist Gordon Syron

There have been quite a few video and TV programs created which look at the story of Gordon Syron, how he started painting and established himself as one of the fathers of modern urban Aboriginal painting in the 1970s and 1980s.  We are gradually collecting up these video clips and listing them here so that people can be aware of what is behind Gordon’s unique art, and how it led to the creation of the Keeping Place collection with photographer Elaine Kitchener Perot, who later became his wife.


Never forget who owned this country: Gordon Syron

Renowned Indigenous artist, Gordon Syron , recounts teaching at Eora College in its early days and how he and …

Video – 05/14/2014 – 06:30

“Judgement by his peers”: Gordon Syron

Renowned Indigenous artist, Gordon Syron , explains the inspiration for his most famous painting, …

Video – 05/14/2014 – 06:28

Learning to paint in Long Bay: Gordon Syron

Renowned Indigenous artist and Biripi/Worimi man, Gordon Syron , describes how he turned an interest in art into a practice when he …

Video – 05/14/2014 – 06:26


Please let us know about any other videos about Gordon Syron, Elaine Syron or their Keeping Place  Collection and we shall add it to this web site.


John Young
Director Strategy and Marketing
Keeping Place Project

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