• The Syron Art Collection is a huge collection of Indigenous art works and cultural artefacts conceived, collected and presently owned by Gordon + Elaine Syron
  • 547 paintings from the Syron Art Collection were selected back in 2010 to form the Keeping Place Collection, including works by 400+ Aboriginal artists 
  • The Keeping Place also includes some of Elaine Syron’s 150,000+ photographs, recording Indigenous and urban social history for the past 40 years
  • The Keeping Place recognises the active service overseas of Black Diggers wearing an Australian uniform, for more than 120 years
  • The Keeping Place is about using Indigenous art, culture and history as a foundation for Reconciliation and Recognition
  • The Keeping Place is about creating more vocational training and job opportunities for First Australian, as a practical form of Reconciliation and Recognition

Primary Objectives

  • Find secure, environmentally stable storage space in the short to medium term for the complete Syron Art Collection
  • Realise Gordon’s vision for a permanent home for Aboriginal art, culture and history – Keeping Place
  • Searching for a permanent home for some or all of the Keeping Place Collection including the paintings and photos
  • Confirm Gordon Syron’s position as a pioneer of modern, urban Aboriginal art since 1972
  • Publicise Elaine Syron’s immense catalogue of photos related to modern First Australians since

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