Down The Barrel: Indigenous Resistance


One of the Keeping Place support team, Barry Ion, has done a fabulous video of Elaine Syron’s “Day of Conversations” at her  Down The Barrel: Indigenous Resistance exhibition.

The exhibition closes at 4 pm on Saturday 26-aug-2017.  

So I urge you to go and see it before it closes.   Barry’s excellent video will give you a great overview of what motivated Elaine to pursue her photographic journey 40+ years ago.

Down The Barrel: Indigenous Resistance


University of Sydney
Jane Foss Russell Plaza
 (near Wentworth Building)
City Road
Darlington NSW 2006

Verge Gallery, City Road, Darlington NSW 2006


John Young

Videos featuring photographer Elaine Syron

There have been quite a few video and TV programs created which look at the story of photographer Elaine Syron, and how she created the Keeping Place Collection of photography and Aboriginal painting, sculpture and artefacts.

We are gradually collecting up these video clips and listing them here so that people can be aware of the story behind the Keeping Place collection with Aboriginal artist Gordon Syron.


<insert links to Elaine’s videos here>


Please let us know about any other videos about Elaine Syron, Gordon Syron or their Keeping Place  Collection but not listed here and we shall add it to this web site.


John Young
Director Strategy and Marketing
Keeping Place Project