The campaign to create a secure, permanent home for  Gordon + Elaine Syron’s Keeping Place collection of modern Indigenous art started more than 15 years ago.

The ambitious project to create a Keeping Place has driven totally by their close friends and many hundreds of friends and volunteers since the first physical home for t heir collection was set up in a small shop front on Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.  There is now a small core team, which is being supported by a constantly renewed network of volunteers, These volunteers are organised loosely into small teams of 2 – 6 people, who work on specific tasks or sub-projects, such as marketing, cataloguing, storing, scanning and curating.

The Keeping Place volunteers bring a wide variety of their skills to apply to our shared vision – architecture, museum and gallery management, environment management, flora and fauna surveys, mapping, photography, membership inquiries, office admin, finance, web site work, graphics design, to name just some of the skills now being used for the Keeping Place Project.

Some people volunteer as individuals.  Others come to us as part of a corporate volunteer program that has been set-up by their employer, or maybe a common interest group.

Our volunteer programs emphasise conservation and social responsibility – giving you, as an individual, or your business, the opportunity to invest in the conservation and protection of Australia’s natural, Indigenous and historic heritage. They are also a unique way to encourage employees to work together and get things done, while gaining satisfaction from improving our natural environment and making Indigenous culture and military history available to visitors, close to the very heart of a major Australian city.

We have decided to create a more formal Keeping Place Network for individuals and organisations who wish to give their time, money and support to help realise the Keeping Place in a physical form, which is now likely to be at more than one site – including both Ivanhoe in western NSW and Canberra, ACT.

Please complete the form at the end of this page if you would like to join us as a volunteer in this important work.

JY_TraniJohn Young
Director Strategy

Keeping Place Project
+61 407 940 943


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